Confessions of a Team Lead!!!

How do you feel when one of your team-mate working under you is fired?
I really don’t know how other might have felt. But for me it was and still is horrific!!! :(. I have woken up midnight, just thinking about the person’s fate after the 2 months notice period.

The fallen employee is supporting a family with wife (who is currently carrying), his mother and father. And he might be committed to lot of other liabilities just as I am to housing loan, car loan and many more.

My current feeling for him is like base of a huge building is crumbling to collapse. If this was happened in other times from now, he might have got a job for his profile easily. But now are the difficult times… Probably the most difficult time of a persons lifespan (assuming nobody who lived in 1930s are not working now!?!). When many companies are laying off, the probability of getting hired,… leave out the hiring, the number of interview calls itself is far lesser than 2 years ago. It really hurts…

It really hurts even though I am not the reason behind his layoff… But only passing the orders by the higher management. I think I should have chosen to train him well even against his will and will power. There are many questions unanswered in my mind. Don’t know if ever they get answered also like

  • what active approach I should have taken?
  • Why did I allow him to fail technically and mentally?
  • What is the approach of any other leader in these circumstances?
  • Pessimistically, am I a good leader?
  • Is it the way of life and work?
  • Can I forgive myself if he ever doesn’t get a job?
  • Can I help him in any way, considering all my liabilities?

The dilemma is two-fold. One arising from Official responsibility and other arising from Social responsibility, off course in pulling in the opposite directions… Whats wrong and whats right? Am I responsible for his fate? You help me answer!!!